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There Is A Rap Beef Brewing Between Shaker And Medikal


There Is A Rap Beef Brewing Between Shaker And Medikal

Originally published on Soundin’ Board

There is a rap beef brewing. After Sarkodie v Manifest came Shatta Wale v Yaa Pono (which wasn’t really a rap beef) and it’s been pretty quiet for sometime. At least in the mainstream. But there is a potential squabble between two rappers that could blow up anytime. It’s Medikal v Shaker.

What do we know about the relationship between these artistes? Not much. Except for the fact that they have a song together (quite recently). Let’s start from there and figure out where things went wrong.

May 30
Shaker drops Krochia Featuring Medikal


June 14
Krochia video drops still featuring Medikal


August 10
Medikal posts snapchat video of upcoming song, ‘Heroez’ with the line “F*** Lil Shaker, e be me dey lead the new school”


September 1
Medikal states on 4Syte he doesn’t care if Shaker is offended by the line


September 20
On a press run with Shaker for their new song and upcoming album ‘Pen & Paper’ Ko-jo Cue tells Antoine on Live FM he does not to know any rapper called Medikal


September 21
On Rhythmz Live with Regina Van Helvet, Cue insists he doesn’t know a Medikal.
Shaker throws shade at Medikal saying ‘people who disturb don’t even make it into the new school to become leaders’


And that is where we are now with this beef. A lot of Shaking and Distubance in the rap game. As Shaker and Cue go round to promote their upcoming album, we’ll see what more comes of it and if Medikal is going to respond. Will there be back and forth lyrical wars? We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s know what you think about this impending beef.

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