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26 Reasons African Parents Gave For Beating Their Kids


26 Reasons African Parents Gave For Beating Their Kids

At one point in your life, you have felt that your parents are the most unreasonable people in the world. They have a problem with the most unusual things and get angry for absurd reasons. The truth is you are not alone.

When twitter user @DarthCoal asked people to share the dumbest reasons why their parents had gotten angry, the responses were incredible.

I picked 26 of the most insane ones for you. I’m sure you will relate to some of them.


1. When They Hurt You For Being Hurt


2. If You Dream It, You Can Achieve it


3. Do we not provide all your needs?


4. Why Are You Distracting God


5. Waste of school fees


6. I will kill you before you let malaria kill you


7. When it’s not you that bought the food or medicine?


8. Whatever you want to see I will show you


9. You want to embarrass me in front of visitors


10. Am I Invisible?


11. Are we your mates?


12. When you build you own house you can sit down


13. We didn’t raise a sociopath


14. I will make a way on your back if you don’t keep quiet over there


15. I know that is about me


16. You want her to know we told you she is a witch


17. Don’t be an indecent young lady


18. Do you know anything at all?


19. Is there something better you’d rather be doing with your hands?


20. Your mates who had 5/5, do they have 5-3 heads?


21. You want witches to know your plans


22. You will not let me kill my son


23. It could have been me stepping on that nail. I’m sure you put it there


24. Is this how you are wasting the school fees I pay?


25. God punish your mouth


26. I don’t have time to go over there


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